Loquis: The Abbess Ermengarda in Via del Corso

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The Abbess Ermengarda in Via del Corso


Published on:  2018-03-19 10:29:00

  Famous people of Rome

A true businesswoman the abbess Ermengarde, from 1014 to the head of the Benedictine women's monastery dedicated to Saints Ciriaco and Niccolò, in via Lata, the current way of the course. The monastery is no longer visible but on its foundations rises the Basilica of Santa Maria in Via Lata. It is the Rome of the Middle Ages. The inhabited area extends and the demand for lots to build is always higher.  Parchments on parchments, in Latin, tell about his action in the convent. The dynamic abbess, immediately throws in daring and uncurbed real estate operations. The monastery has rich properties inside and outside the walls. Building lots earn much more than farmland. The tenant pays. The concessions have a variable duration, from nineteen years to three generations. Ermengarde in this way kicks off the real estate boom of the thousand Roma.

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