Loquis: The travail of the Popess Giovanna

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The travail of the Popess Giovanna


Published on:  2018-03-19 10:06:00

  Famous people of Rome

Between reality and legend, it is said that in 855, a young woman managed to disguise herself as a man, even to be elected Pope at the death of Leo the Forth, with the name of John the Eighth. It also seems to be helped in reading the scriptures from a young waiter, she had a relationship with him and became pregnant. She hide her pregnant belly under her clothes. But during the solemn Easter procession in which the Pope returned to the Lateran after celebrating Mass in Saint Peter’s while the Papal Procession was near the Basilica of San Clemente, the enthusiastic crowd gathered around the horse that the Pope brought.The Pope’s horse, frightened, reacted violently, causing « premature labor » to « Pope John ». Discovered the secret, she was made to drag her feet from a horse, through the streets of Rome, and stoned to death by the angry mob near Ripa Grande. She was buried in the street where her true identity had been reveiled, between San Giovanni in Laterano and San Pietro in Vaticano. This road (apparently) was avoided by successive papal processions, although this last detail became part of the popular legend in the fourteenth century, during the papal captivity in Avignon, when there were no papal processions in Rome.

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