Loquis: A power woman at Musei Vaticani

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A power woman at Musei Vaticani


Published on:  2018-03-19 09:42:00

  Famous people of Rome

Roman Empress, Julia Domna was originally from Emesa, Syria. Her family came from a Bedouin lineage, but she was able to take root in the caravan town on the banks of the Oronte and become one of the most influential in the aristocratic elite of the eastern part of the empire.I received a refined culture as a child.The bust is kept in the Vatican Museums. Julia was promised and granted in marriage to Septimius Severus, who after a start of a lackluster career started to play a great political role. A few months later, the first son was born, Antonino Bassiano, and a year later it was Geta’s turn, after his warrant in Gaul, the family come back to Rome, but Julia would not hesitate to follow her husband in distant Britannia for three years. This period dates back to his fame as a « philosopher » surrounded by intellectuals. At the death of his father, Antonino Bassiano became emperor with his brother Geta, the contrast between the two characters, already known, became unsustainable. Geta was murdered. Julia Domna then became, in fact, co-empress, in a singular and unprecedented diarchy with her son. Caracalla fell victim to a conspiracy. When she heard about the murder, Julia Domna tried to kill herself. The empress was exiled. Isolated, now the specter of herself, wounded, she died shortly thereafter. Some sources report that she let herself die by refusing food, perhaps mindful of the Stoic teachings on the moral choice of suicide in the face of tyranny.

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