Loquis: Cornelia at Portico d'Ottavia

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Cornelia at Portico d'Ottavia


Published on:  2018-03-18 18:37:00

  Famous people of Rome

Cornelia, daughter of Scipio Africanus, was married to Tiberius Sempronio Gracchus, the consul, praetor and censor. She then attended the Roman aristocracy where the other women to prove their status, wore as much jewelry as possible. Famous the scene handed down by Valerio Massimo, in which Cornelia before the others, indicating his children said « these are my Jewels ». An example of wisdom and intellectual capacity, she gave the world twelves children but only three survived to adulthood. Two were the tribunes of the rabble, Tiberius and Caio Gracchus. She survived all, died without ever remarrying despite the many claimants, to the venerable age for those times of almost 80 years. They erected an honorary statue, perhaps the only one who remembered a woman's head. On the pedestal then found during the excavations of 1830 at Portico of Octavia, for the will of the same Cornelia is written « daughter of Scipio African and mother of Gracchus brothers ».

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