Loquis: Collazia and the virtuous Lucrezia

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Collazia and the virtuous Lucrezia


Published on:  2019-07-01 09:13:00

  Famous people of Rome

King Tarquinius the haughty decided to replenish the crates by besieging Ardea, the thriving city of Rutili. The nobles and the children of the sovereign deceive the free time in the camps having fun to imagine things do their wives in the meantime. Collatinus is proud of his young Lucrezia whose praise he weaves for laboriousness and fidelity. Thus the companions together with Sesto Tarquinius, youngest son of the king, go to Collazia (today the estate of length) to verify. Sesto Tarquinius fall for the woman and blackmailing her, forced Lucrezia to have a relationship with him. But she warns her father and her husband and she is determined to prove it by committing suicide but she makes herself promise revenge. Eventually Tarquinius the haughty goes into exile with his wife and children. The perpetrator of the rape, believing himself safe, takes refuge in Gabi, where he is killed by his old enemies. In 510 before Christ, the monarchy falls and the Res Publica is born.

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