Loquis: Caterina Martinelli and the bread revolt

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Caterina Martinelli and the bread revolt


Published on:  2018-02-19 20:18:00

  Famous people of Rome

On May 3, 1944 Caterina Martinelli led the assault of an oven by the women of the Tiburtino Terzo, that hunger and misery had exasperated after a terrible winter. As they returned to their barracks with the bread-filled sports, the women were blocked by a soldier of PAI. To the refusal to give up the bread, those shot with the machine gun hitting Caterina Martinelli, who held in his arms the child still nursing and had a large loaf close to his chest. The woman overhammered on the ground falling over her daughter, who survived but had the injured spine; others remained wounded.

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