Loquis: Teresa Gullace and Rome open city

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Teresa Gullace and Rome open city


Published on:  2018-02-19 09:40:00

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She was 36 years old, she had five children and was pregnant with the sixth. Her husband, Girolamo Gullace, was arrested by the Nazis on February 26, 1944 during a roundup and taken to the barracks of Viale Giulio Cesare 54, to be sent to the forced labour camps in Germany. Here, on the morning of March 3, the woman went to claim, together with the mothers, the wives and daughters of other prisoners, crying out loud that theirs would be freed. After seeing her husband at the window, Teresa tried to approach him, perhaps to give him bread and cheese, or just to talk to him, careless of the ban shouted by a German petty officer who, seeing her approaching the barracks, fired a shot at the head killing her. Rossellini took from this story cue for the film « Rome Open City ».

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