Loquis: Artemisia Gentileschi in Croce

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Artemisia Gentileschi in Croce


Published on:  2018-02-19 20:51:00

  Famous people of Rome

Artemisia was the daughter of Horace Gentileschi, great painter of the Caravaggio epoch. With the same talent of her father, she is certainly one of the most representative art women in history. Here we find her, in Via della Croce, where she lived with her father and where unfortunately she suffered rape and outrage by Tassi that was a collaborator of her father. To accuse his rapist and confirm his accusations she had to the crush of the thumbs, which for her, painter, was not only a physical pain. Artemisia has thus become the symbol of feminism and the desire to rebel against male power: however, this fact made her a great wrong, having shifted attention to the rape affair, overshadowing her professional and artistic merits.

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