Loquis: The living room of Imperia in Scossacavalli

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The living room of Imperia in Scossacavalli


Published on:  2018-02-19 08:34:00

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In this square begins the story of the beautiful Imperia courtesan. His real name is Lucrezia, born in Rome on August 3 , 1481 by Diana Corgnati, a courtesan of low rank and Paris de Grassis, master of ceremonies of the papal court, which makes her grow up here in Piazza Scossacavalli. She changes name, as the profession imposes, adopting that Imperia that immediately qualifies it at aristocratic levels. In fact here she is started to the profession with a lot of humanistic cultural education. Culture and refinement assure an excellent clientele. His great love, however, is the Roman patrician Angelo del Bufalo, who gives way to the rich banker Agostino Chigi, who became the real protector of Imperia from 1508 . The beauty of Imperia ends immortalized in the frescoes of the lodges made by Raphael in Love and Psyche and in the Triumph of the Galatea. She is the most famous female character of the « dolce vita » of those years, but she is not happy. Agostino Chigi suddenly has a very young lover. The Divine feels put aside, falls into depression and August 13, 1512 is poisoned.

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