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Bridget of Sweden


Published on:  2018-02-19 21:08:00

  Famous people of Rome

Bridget was born in Finsta, a Swedish town in the Uppland region, to an aristocratic family. In the first part of his life, she was an happily married layman: from his marriage were born eight children, the second was Catherine, who, like her, would have been canonized.  Despite the welfare of his social class, Bridget, together with her husband, studied sacred scripture, founded a small hospital and assisted the poor. Both she and her husband became Franciscan Tertiaries. After her husband's death, Bridget felt the need to move from her native country to start new missions: leaving Sweden in 1349, she settled in Rome. During a trip to Jerusalem she became ill, worsening thereafter; after coming back to Rome, she died on 23 July 1373, assisted by his daughter Catherine , who had entrusted the order of the Most Holy Savior.

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