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Flavia Giulia Elena


Published on:  2018-02-19 08:04:00

  Famous people of Rome

From a plebeian family, Helena was repudiated by her husband, the military tribune Costanzo Chlorus, by order of the emperor Diocletian. When his son Costantine, defeating his rival Maxentius, became absolute master of the empire, Helena, whose honor was rehabilitated, had the highest title to which a woman could aspire, that of « Augusta ». It was the beginning of a new era for Christianity: the Emperor Constantine, after the victory attributed to the protection of Christ, granted the freedom of worship to Christians. Mother Helena played a fundamental role: perhaps she contributed to the conversion, just before she died, of her son. Helena witnessed a great religious fervor, doing good works and building the famous basilicas on the holy places. She found the tomb of Christ dug in the rock and shortly after the cross of the Lord and those of the two robbers. The discovery of the cross, which took place in 326 under the eyes of the pious Helena, produced great emotion in all of Christianity. These discoveries followed the construction of many basilicas. He probably died around 330.

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