Loquis: Vincent Candelà at Ciampino

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Vincent Candelà at Ciampino


Published on:  2018-02-18 22:29:00

  Famous people of Rome

Vincent Candelà, 40 years, of which twenty passed on the fields of football: World Champion with France in 1998, of Europe in 2000 (that of the terrible bundle of the Juventino Trezeguet with Italy of Zoff), championship and Italian Supercup (incredible the goal marked by 30 meters) with Rome in 2001. Today he lives in the Roman countryside, works the land, produces wine, goes to the stadium for fun, helps the second wife to organize events in the estate Angelica, property purchased a few years ago and choice as a place to live. Rome and the Rome football team have remained in his heart: he is also a Frenchman « who keeps his heart Italian, indeed Roman ».

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