Loquis: Paulo Roberto Falcao in The Hotel Villa Pamphili

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Paulo Roberto Falcao in The Hotel Villa Pamphili


Published on:  2018-02-18 22:25:00

  Famous people of Rome

« Tutti ar mare... » sang Ferri in the car radios. On the morning of Sunday, August 10, 1980, a great flood of Romans-not Lazio fans-was poured on the Rome-Fiumicino. 5000 kids with paddle and bucket, moms with tanning, towel bag and lunch in the basket, daddy with dinghy, balloon, donut and scarf of Rome, they all stopped at the airport to wait for the DC10 Alitalia, Flight AZ569, coming from Rio. Landed at 9.35, he appeared for the first time in Rome and the Romans, who sent international arrivals on tilt. He was the divine, the eighth King of Rome, the reincarnation of Romulus, the progenitor of Totti, Paulo Roberto Falcao was escorted to the headquarters of AS Roma then to the Hotel Villa Pamphili, by a procession of infinite love.

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