Loquis: Rafael Nadal in Le Tamerici

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Rafael Nadal in Le Tamerici


Published on:  2019-07-17 10:18:00

  Famous people of Rome

« Every year I repeat myself: One of the things I have to do, at the end of my career, is to visit Rome well. It's a city that enchants me, it's spectacular, it has an incredible story. As well as Venice ». And in the evening, in Rome, Rafael Nadal always goes out to dinner. « I really like it. The restaurant I prefer is Le Tamerici. Pasta, fish, it's all good. And I am fascinated by the streets around Trevi Fountain ». Rafa is a little Italian. « I always feel very close to the Italians: we are Latin, we are people who live things, who live the way. We go out for dinner, we like to be around. Rome is a city that has a lot of life and I like to be with people ».

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