Loquis: Cesare Venturini, the Bold

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Cesare Venturini, the Bold


Published on:  2018-05-21 17:30:00

  Famous people of Rome

Cesare Venturini is the president of the Audacious Sports Club of Rome, which was born on October 15, 1901 for the action of a group of passionate sports enthusiasts led by Aurelio Cappabianca, the first president. The colors are white and red, with the shield surmounted by the sign of the Etruscan Wolf. The club is housed in a large and elegant venue in Corso Umberto Primo, but soon moves to the « Roma» Velodrome at the Salario. Cycling is, in fact, one of the most practiced disciplines, together with swimming and heavy athletics. Almost immediately « the Bold » becomes known nationally, thanks to the strength and constancy of its champions of weightlifting, struggle and gymnastics. A football team is born that rivals the primacy with Lazio. World War interrupts the activity. In the new premises of via Frangipane, a great emotion arouses the arrival in the summer of 1915 of a letter sent from the front by the consocio Enrico Toti, a document still preserved in the social bulletin board.

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