Loquis: Accademia d'Armi, if you knowledge the Greek

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Accademia d'Armi, if you knowledge the Greek


Published on:  2018-02-18 22:04:00

  Famous people of Rome

Greco Musumeci had over 60 years career in fencing, with national and international victories and almost as many teaching at the Academy of Arms in Via del Seminario in Rome. He succeeded in the role of Agesilaus Greco and Aurelio Greco, his uncles. He made his debut in the Italian fencing in 1926 achieving numerous victories and, in 1939, after obtaining the master's degree at the Academy of Naples, began his adventure in the world of entertainment. He personally prepared numerous film and television protagonists who approached the duel, in fiction, for script needs. His debut in the cinema was as Master of Arms in the film « Un avventura di Salvator Rosa », of 1939, by Alessandro Blasetti. From the late 1930s through the years ' 70 he will continue his career in the show.

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