Loquis: Carlo Pederzoli Junior at The Heaven di Torraccia

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Carlo Pederzoli Junior at The Heaven di Torraccia


Published on:  2018-05-21 17:31:00

  Famous people of Rome

« I woodpecker like Grandpa Bud, but I do hurt seriously ». Bud Spencer's grandson is among the strongest MMA fighters in Italy in the UFC odor. One of the young people with the most talent of the whole Italian scene: striking imaginative and solid grappling. He trains at Heaven Fighting Arena Torraccia Via Francesco Paolo Bonifacio 167, each family holds his own identity. More than ever evident in the Pedersoli family and the similarity between the two Carlo’s, respectively grandfather and nephew. The first (recently disappeared) was Olympic swimmer and actor. Famous Bud Spencer for his « fisticuffs » paired with Terence Hill, in his films has always been a giant, gruff but good-hearted. He chose the way of combat (the real one) in the cages of MMA and is among the emerging professional fighters of the Italian scene.

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