Loquis: Riccardo Lecca, Invictus in Via Lanuvio

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Riccardo Lecca, Invictus in Via Lanuvio


Published on:  2018-05-21 17:31:00

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Riccardo was born in Rome on April 18, 1979. He approaches martial arts at a very young age: only 5 years the cult movie "Karate Kid" excites him so much, to the point of persuading parents to enroll him in a Karate gym not very far from his home. Since then, through the Audace and the Fortitudo, Riccardo grows and is affirmed both in Karate and, later, in kickboxing. Today, Riccardo has opened two kickboxing gyms in Rome, in the Appio district (in via Nuvio 13) and in tiles, directly managed by him and his team.

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