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The corpse of Pope Formoso


Published on:  2018-02-17 07:11:00

  Famous people of Rome

It was a dark and dark period the Middle Ages also for the history of the popes. It is in this period that here, in San Giovanni in Laterano, there was one of the most senseless and surreal processes that have ever been celebrated: that of a corpse in the state of rot. The body of Pope Formoso was exhumed, clad in his vestments and tied to an armchair.  That is how the corpse of Pope Formoso, who died seven months before the trial, was called to respond to the accusations that were being addressed to him. The outcome was discounted: Pope Formoso was convicted and his orders were canceled. The corpse stripped of the robes were amputated the three fingers of the right hand used to impart the blessing then the body was thrown into the Tiber and found three days later near Ostia by a monk. Pope Theodore The Second in 897 admitted back Pope Formoso with a pompous ceremony, among the apostles buried at St. Peter's.

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