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The Villino DeRossi anti earthquakes


Published on:  2018-02-17 06:38:00

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Michele Stefano De Rossi was a geologist of international renown, his Rossi-Forel scale, developed together with the Swiss François-Alphonse Forel, at the base of the Mercalli scale and its variants and developments. In 1870, father Timoteo Bertelli started experiments on seismic motions with a pendulum made of a 3.30 meter long copper wire, with a 10 kg lead weight at the base. From this model, Bertelli and De Rossi, decided to work on the so-called Standard Instrument, or Tromometer , which was installed at the villa in Rocca di Papa, at the Castelli Romani, in an area particularly active on the seismic plane due to the quiescent Vulcano Laziale. This instrument, compared to the original Bertelli, presented some summary differences: it was composed from a thinly reduced copper wire (just 1.5 meters), to which a 100 gram weight weight was attached, to the latter a needle was connected, moving on a gradua scale ta, allowed through the use of a rudimentary microscope, the measurement of seismic motions.

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