Loquis: Sor Checco in the Carceri Nuove

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Sor Checco in the Carceri Nuove


Published on:  2019-07-19 09:32:00

  Famous people of Rome

Francesco Coccapieller, called « sor Checco », was a characteristic figure of the people of the early years of capital Rome. Born in Rome in 1831, with Ricciotti Garibaldi, son of the hero of the two worlds, he founded the new newspaper « Ezio Secondo », or « Il Carro di Checco »: even this editorial initiative, due to the content of his articles, provoked criticism and rancor in all political orientations. The Republican Angelo Tognetti, a butcher, offended by the discredit that the articles of the « sor Checco » brought to his political part, Amalia’s tavern with the pistol in her hand: but Coccapieller, also armed and quicker, wounded him severely.While he was imprisoned for excessive legitimate defense in the new jails of Via Giulia, he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Italy and released in freedom.One article contributed to make known the famous scandal of the Roman bank, then denounced in Parliament by Napoleon Colajanni in 1892 . The following events about the parliamentary inquiry led to the resignation of Prime Minister Giolitti and the fall, at the end of 1893 , of his first government. Several times he was sued and sentenced, at the end of the parliamentary mandate he returned to jail.

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