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Filippo Chiappini


Published on:  2018-02-17 05:50:00

  Famous people of Rome

His father, Francesco, was a barber who had a shop here, in the neighborhood of Parione in Via del Governo Vecchio, right on the square of Pasquino. The witty craftsman, avoiding the papal surveillance, used to write pasquinate and epigrams, also in Latin. Francis succeeded, with many sacrifices, to keep Filippo at the university where he graduated in medicine. He was an excellent doctor but also a scholar of classical literature, Renaissance and theatrical: for this reason he did not disdain the Romance. He wrote many epigrams in Italian and Latin , a language that he knew deeply: unlike Trilussa, Filippo’s choice for the Romance was not born from the culture, but from a meditated decision. Valid poet and intelligent scholar of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli collaborated with Luigi Morandi for the first edition Almost complete of the Belli’s Sonnets, he entered into a controversy with Trilussa, reproaching him of distorting, and bourgeois, the Romance. neschi and his lexical cards with the title of Roman Vocabulary.

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