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Federico Cesi


Published on:  2018-02-17 05:45:00

  Famous people of Rome

Belonging to a noble Umbrian-Roman family, the future scientist lived between Rome (where he was born in the Cesi-Gaddi Palace, in Via della Maschera d'oro) and Acquasparta, where he transformed, according to the trends of the time, the town planning of the country, especially with the Renovation and interior decoration of the building. Federico manifested a great interest in the renewal of traditional culture. This commitment expressed him mainly in the foundation and in the support he lent to the Accademy of Lynxes, which he established in 1603. He lent considerable support to Galileo Galilei, especially in the clash of the Pisan scientist with the ecclesiastical authorities, the name of the telescope for the instrument devised by Galileo was due to Cesi. Later, Cesi will approve the designation of microscope devised by Faber for the goggle invented by Galileo.

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