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Meo Patacca of the educated people


Published on:  2018-02-16 19:08:00

  Famous people of Rome

Apart from the restaurant that today takes its name, Meo Patacca was the title of a work in verse by the Roman Giuseppe Berneri, written in the Roman dialect of the seventeenth century and is an important document both on the language spoken in Rome at that time , both to better understand the city s life. It is the story of a thug, a good populace with weapons, who had news of the siege of Vienna, decides to organize an expedition to help the city. However, the news arrives that Vienna has been freed of the siege and the money collected is thus used to organize the festivities.The descriptions of the places, customs, habits and customs of the Roman people are particularly important. In the nineteenth century the poem an extraordinary success, arriving to count around 500 replicas. At the opera were taken, in addition to several shows, the film « Meo Patacca » by Marcello Ciorciolini interpreted, between the others, by Mario Scaccia and Gigi Proietti.

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