Loquis: Giovan Pietro Bellori in the Chiesa Sant'Isidoro

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Giovan Pietro Bellori in the Chiesa Sant'Isidoro


Published on:  2018-02-16 19:00:00

  Famous people of Rome

He was one of the most important biographers of Italian Baroque artists in the seventeenth century, and is considered by many historians, along with Filippo Baldinucci, the equivalent of the Baroque period of Giorgio Vasari. The work of Guido Reni, of Nicolas Poussin, of Andrea Sacchi, of his pupil Maratta and above all of Annibale Carracci, an artist taken as an example of his concept of ideal beauty, as opposed to the art of Caravaggio, accused by him of mechanically copying the reality without the fundamental use of the intellect: Vasari and Leon Battista Alberti, were among the most appreciated writers of Bellori, and as Vasari he considered the design the fundamental element of all the art that was at the base of both sculpture and painting. The goal of beauty was then reached through a series of considered steps in which the artist inspired by nature found his path I know that led him to perform the final work. He died in 1696 in Rome, and was buried in the church of Sant Isidoro.

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