Loquis: Ciceruacchio in Porto di Ripetta

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Ciceruacchio in Porto di Ripetta


Published on:  2019-07-01 09:24:00

  Famous people of Rome

His name was Angelo Brunetti and he was born in Rome, on September 27th 1800 by a farrier in the rione of Campo Marzio, a craft Carter of the port of Ripetta, transporting wine from the Roman castles and then managing a tavern near Porta del Popolo. He was an Italian patriot who fought for the second Roman Republic, whose fall he fled with Giuseppe Garibaldi to reach Venice. The nickname Ciceruacchio, given to him as a child, is the corruption of the original Romanesco Ciruacchiotto («chubby»). It seems that in the young age he has exercised the role of « apprentice » in the Roman seminary at the Apollinare. In fact, in the secondary stairs, in a humble little room, on the front door is written in pencil: «Angelo Brunetti».

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