Loquis: Beatrice Cenci and the execution in Piazza Castel Sant'Angelo

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Beatrice Cenci and the execution in Piazza Castel Sant'Angelo


Published on:  2018-02-16 12:24:00

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The daughter of Count Francesco Cenci, a violent and dissolute man, and of Ersilia Santacroce, found a very difficult environment in the family and was forced to suffer the harassment and the pitfalls of her father who, in 1593, married the second marriage. Lucrezia Petroni, from whom she had no children It is said that, exasperated by violence and paternal sexual abuse, Beatrice had reached the decision to organize the murder of Francesco with the complicity of her stepmother Lucrezia, the brothers Giacomo and Bernardo, the castellan Olimpio Calvetti and the blacksmith Beatrice initially stubbornly denied any involvement but the torture of the rope won every resistance and ended up admitting the crime. The trial had a great public following.The defendants were all found guilty and condemned to death Beatrice and Lucrezia, condemned to the beheading, James to the squares, only for Bernardo the pontiff consented to the commutation of the sentence, he was imposed the penalty of perpetual oars, on papal galleys, and was obliged, moreover, to watch the execution of the relatives tied to a chair. The execution of Beatrice, her stepmother and her elder brother took place on the morning of September 11, 1599 in the square of Castel Sant Angelo, crowded with crowds.

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