Loquis: Muzio Scevola and Porsenna on the Mura Serviane

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Muzio Scevola and Porsenna on the Mura Serviane


Published on:  2018-02-16 12:01:00

  Famous people of Rome

It is said that in 50 before Christ, during the siege of Rome by the Etruscans commanded by Porsenna, just as food was scarce in the city, a young Roman aristocrat, Muzio Cordo, proposed to the Senate to kill the Etruscan commander. As soon as he obtained the authorization, he infiltrated the enemy lines, thanks to the fact that he was of Etruscan origin and language, and armed with a dagger, he reached the camp of Porsenna, who was distributing the pay to the soldiers. Munzio waited for his target remaining alone and then he stabbed him, but he made a mistake, he stabbed the wrong person: captured by the commander s guards, and brought before Porsenna, the young Roman did not hesitate to put his right hand in a brazier where the Fire of the sacrifices burned. In the road Sallustiana in Rome, on the wall of the United States embassy in Italy, above the iron door of an electric booth, is set a bas-relief representing a hand in the fire. There was the precise point where Porsenna was encamped and where the episode took place, just outside the Servian walls, of which the remains can be seen between Via Sallustiana and Via Carducci.

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