Loquis: Monica Vitti in Piazza Bologna

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Monica Vitti in Piazza Bologna


Published on:  2018-02-16 10:38:00

  Famous people of Rome

The actress, director, writer is growing near this square. Belonging to a family of the Roman petty bourgeoisie, the only female of three children, she enrolled at the Silvio d Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. He graduated in 1953 under the guidance of Sergio Tofàno, who immediately understood the comic. The first important role came only in 1958 with « Le dritte » by Mario Amendola. In 1957, he is about to marry an architect, but he knows the director Michelangelo Antonioni who becomes his life partner. On the set of « Red Desert » he met the director of photography Carlo Di Palma, with whom he later sentimentally linked. In 1968 Mario Monicelli chose her to play « The girl with The pistol » , a role that won her the first leading silver ribbon. In 1969 Alberto Sordi wants her for the role of Raffaella in «Help me, My love». In 1975, « Duck in orange sauce » by Luciano Salce, won her another Silver Ribbon as best actress and the David di Donatello.

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