Loquis: Aldo Fabrizi in the Market of Campo dè Fiori

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Aldo Fabrizi in the Market of Campo dè Fiori


Published on:  2018-02-16 10:27:00

  Famous people of Rome

Together with the mother sells fresh fruit and vegetables to the pound and rounds off with the most disparate work to keep himself, the mother and the five sisters. His name is Aldo Fabbrizi (with the double b), a Roman of Rome that came to success loses a B. Despite the humble origins, the passion for poetry leads him to print a pamphlet in verse in roman dialect and the newspaper « Il Messagero » sings the praises. Aldo's artistic vocation is pure and so, between one morning at the market and one evening on the stage, the career of one of the most beloved Roman actors is formed by the public. The love of the kitchen inherits it from the family, the sister is the famous Sora Lella, of the homonymous restaurant in the Tiberina Island.

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