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A Glorious Leone


Published on:  2018-02-16 07:24:00

  Famous people of Rome

It is on the steps of Viale Glorioso that Sergio Leone, director, screenwriter and Italian film producer, is formed and becomes a boy. In the 1950sThe Hollywood legend on the Tiber explodes. The American producers go to Rome to save on production costs and to release the money earned in Europe, reinvest the capitals in the production of new films, then in Italy there was a high quality of the workers and the studios of Cinecittà were a flagship.In those years Leone works first in the epic film scripts -study in costume, then to great productions such as « Quo vadis? » and « Ben-Hur » by William Wyler: It is universally recognized as one of the most important directors of the history of cinema, particularly known for its films like spaghetti-western: « A fistful of dollars », « For a few dollars more », « The good, the bad and the ugly ». And after « Once upon a time in the West » and « Duck,you sucker! », while with « Once upon a time in America » Deeply renewed the lexicon of the gangster movie.

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