Loquis: Elio Petri, a screenwriter among the artisans

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Elio Petri, a screenwriter among the artisans


Published on:  2018-02-16 06:56:00

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It was born in Rome in Via dei Giubbonari in a family of craftsmen: his grandfather and his father were artisans in the copper processing industry, an only child, he loved to spend his free time on the street, and had a good relationship with his father, which on Sundays often went swimming in the Tiber In summer they also went to the sea, in Ostia, where they spent the whole day. Petri declared that for his education they had influence: the mother for the affective side, the father as a social model, grandmother for her moral rigor. At fifteen her passion for journalism and cinema. In 1970 Petri signed her best-known film: « Investigation of a citizen above suspicion », with Gian Maria Volonté in the role of a police commissioner who kills his lover (Florinda Bolkan) but who, despite his confession, is not in fact punished by colleagues worried about defending the reputation of the apparatus. I got a consensus from the public and the following year won the Oscar for the best foreign film.

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