Loquis: De Santis and the Situation of Via Savoia

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De Santis and the Situation of Via Savoia


Published on:  2018-02-16 06:05:00

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Giuseppe De Santis born in Rome in 1917 was an Italian director and screenwriter, among the leading exponents of film neorealism. It was the 1951 when an announcement on the messenger, « seeking typist », brought to Via Savoia tens and dozens of women, girls, with or without hopes. There is a serene climate, we are told of dreams and illusions, of love and feminine coquetries, then comes the accountant and with a sadistic air warns that only the first thirty or forty of the row will be able to support the interview. The ad generates tension. Nobody wants to stay out. Discussions and quarrels begin. The flight of stairs collapses under the weight of the crowd. The girls plunge into the void and remain buried under the rubble. Cornelia dies and other seventy-seven women remain wounded. De Santis takes his cue and decides that even facts like this can be, realistically, a film.

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