Loquis: Zampa in the Experimental Center of Cinematography

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Zampa in the Experimental Center of Cinematography


Published on:  2018-02-16 05:52:00

  Famous people of Rome

Luigi Zampa, an authentic Roman, born in 1905, is one of the first students of the National Cinematography School; the CSC in via Tuscolana, a few steps from the Cinecittà establishments, and at the beginning of the Thirties he attended the acting course of Santa Cecilia and when he goes to film school, he immediately realizes that his destiny would be behind the camera. In 1952 the director directs « The City stands Trial » his undisputed masterpiece, set in Naples and inspired by the facts of the Cuocolo process from a subject by Francesco Rosi. Zampa often collaborates with the great screenwriters of the time and discovers his elective affinities with Rodolfo Sonego, Sergio Amidei, Suso Cecchi D Amico and with Alberto Moravia, for « Woman of Rome », and especially with Vitaliano Brancati. From the collaboration with the great writer Sicilian born the trilogy composed of « Difficult years « , « Easy years » and « The Art of getting Alone »,then shooting and ending with « Roaring Years », in which comes out all the talent grot the director’s in his evocation of the fascist twentieth century and of the typical intralazzi of politics.

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