Loquis: Stefano Maderno and Santa Cecilia in Trastèvere

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Stefano Maderno and Santa Cecilia in Trastèvere


Published on:  2018-02-15 17:27:00

  Famous people of Rome

Stefano Maderno had witnessed the execution of the capital of Beatrice Cenci. Shortly thereafter, in 1599 he was called to sculpt in marble the corpse of Santa Cecilia, which, resurrected, was found with the deep cut on his neck corresponding to what is described in the ancient legend of martyrdom. After almost 1400 years, it is still miraculously intact! The miracle caused a stir in Rome, and the Maderno was charged with executing a statue that portrayed the body of the saint exactly in the position in which it was found.  Cecilia lived in 220 after Christ. The legend tells that the young and noble Roman Cecilia, converted to the new faith, does not deny it but rather spreads it, and for this reason is imprisoned and killed. At first he tried to kill her by trying to suffocate her with the vapors of a calidàrium, then suffered the decapitation.

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