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The Fountains Della Porta


Published on:  2018-02-15 17:19:00

  Famous people of Rome

in the heart of the Jewish ghetto, from the 500s, the Turtle fountain stands out delicately. Over the centuries the turtles have been the object of theft but always recovered, today they adorn the fountain of perfect copies and the originals are kept in the Capitoline Museums. The Author is Giacomo della Porta. Of Ticinese origins but born in Genoa, the artist lives in Rome in full Renaissance and is a pupil of Michelangelo and Vignola. Giacomo della Porta has created several fountains, such as the one in Piazza d Aracoeli and the one in Santa Maria in Campitelli, in Piazza Navona, the one in Moro, the fountains of Palazzo Borghese and Piazza Colonna, the one in Piazza San Simeone and the Fountain of the Catecumeni in Piazza Madonna dei Monti and opposite ones of the Saints Venanzio and Ansovino, destroyed in the twentieth century with the remaking of Piazza Venezia, and again the fountain of Trullo, first in Piazza del Popolo and moved from Valadier in Piazza Nicosia, the fountain of Piazza della Rotonda at Pantheon and that of the Terrina, first in Campo de Fiori and then positioned at the Chiesa Nuova, the Pianto fountain in Piazza delle Cinque Scole and not far away, in Piazza Mattei.

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