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Tacitus, a Street for a writer


Published on:  2018-02-15 16:54:00

  Famous people of Rome

His major works, the « Annales and the « Historiae », illustrate the history of the first century Roman Empire, the death of the Emperor Augustus in 14, until the Jewish War of the Emperor Titus (year 70). Without being carried away by the tacit feelings is scrupulous and precise, a writer excelled and engaging, always generous of facts and moral teachings. He tells of corruption and despotism, of the power of the army and of the decay of politics, exalts the values of the Republican Rome and supports the cult of tradition. Bitter and concise, at times ironic, Tacitus participates in the fortunes of Rome and tells the lives of the emperors, the tyranny of the aristocracy and the decay of the city. He believes that the people are not immune to evil because a rich and vast empire can only generate apathy in every class .

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