Loquis: Catullo, a way for love

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Catullo, a way for love


Published on:  2019-07-22 15:31:00

  Famous people of Rome

Odi et Amo, as perhaps the poet would have said of Rome as well as about his Clodia. Romano of adoption, born in Sirmione, love has a dominating part in its literary production. Catullo arrives in Rome in 60 before Christ, the friendship of his father with Julius Caesar and other important public figures helps him to fit into the most cultured and mundane environments of the late Republic. Catullo is surrounded by aristocrats and intellectuals and with the sister of the Tribune Clodio Pulcher begins a « coursed » relationship. It describes her by the name of Lesbia, associated thus with Sappho, a Greek poetess of love.  Her betrayls devastate the poet who desperately flees from Rome. His jealousy as his pain induces him to take his own life.

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