Loquis: The Palace of the Holy Office and the torture of Giordano Bruno

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The Palace of the Holy Office and the torture of Giordano Bruno


Published on:  2018-02-15 16:27:00

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The complaint comes from the same guest of the Dominican friar: Giovanni Mocenigo who until the day before is eager to know the secrets of the treatises of the philosopher and who is convinced that he wants to hide his knowledge from him. The accusations are very serious: having opinions contrary to the Catholic Church; having heretical views on the Trinity, on Christ and his divinity and incarnation, on the Eucharist and Mass; believing in metempsychosis, in the existence and in the eternity of several worlds; to deny Mary s virginity; to practice divination and magic; to be lustful and live in the manner of Protestant heretics. During the trial, Bruno defends himself against the accusations and convinces the judges that reasoning in philosophical terms does not mean being heretics. Everything seems to turn in his favor but the Roman Inquisition is much tougher. On February 27, 1593 Bruno is locked up in the prisons of the Palazzo del Sant Uffizio in Rome. For seven long years he is interrogated under torture. He is asked to abjure his thesis but, despite having moments of uncertainty, does not deny his philosophical thought. He has nothing to repent of.

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