Loquis: Seneca and his Mausoleum

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Seneca and his Mausoleum


Published on:  2018-02-15 16:20:00

  Famous people of Rome

The so-called tomb of Seneca is located at the fourth mile of the Via Appia, it seems that here was the villa of the philosopher, where he committed suicide at the behest of Nero in 65 after Christ. He was a Roman philosopher, dramatist and politician, exponent of stoicism, condemned to death by Caligula but pardoned, exiled by Claudius who then called him back to Rome, became guardian and tutor of the future emperor Nero, commissioned by his mother Giulia Agrippina Augusta. When Nero and Agrippina entered into conflict, Seneca approved the execution of Agrippina as a lesser evil. After the so-called « five years of good governance » in which Nero wisely governed under the tutelage of Seneca, the former student and teacher went further and further, taking the philosopher to the political retreat that had always desired, but Seneca, perhaps implicated in a conspiracy against him, was forced to commit suicide by the emperor.

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