Loquis: Marcus Tullius Cicero, a way of letters

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Marcus Tullius Cicero, a way of letters


Published on:  2018-02-15 16:12:00

  Famous people of Rome

Born in 103 before Christ and died in the 43 before christ, he was a Roman lawyer, politician, writer, orator and philosopher.Expectant of a wealthy family of equestrian order, he was one of the most relevant figures of all Roman antiquity. His vast literary production, ranging from political orations to the writings of philosophy and rhetoric, as well as offering a precious portrait of Roman society in the last troubled years of the republic, remained as a model of classical Latin literature. Great admirer of Greek culture, the Romans could also acquire a better knowledge of philosophy among the fundamental works for the understanding of the Latin world are instead the Letters, allowing to understand what were the real political lines of the Roman aristocracy. Many years also a role of primary importance in the world of Roman politics: he saved the republic from subversive attempts by Lucio Sergio Catilina and had the nickname of « pater pàtrie ».

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