Loquis: The villa of the pope Sixtus Quinto

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The villa of the pope Sixtus Quinto


Published on:  2018-02-21 17:13:00

  Famous people of Rome

Born Felice Peretti, he was admired by his contemporaries for rigour and wisdom. Today he is famous thanks of the strength he had to give to the church that still current hierarchical structure, but above all for the attentive patronage thought which he transformed Rome into the Caput Mundi. It had a huge estate where now stands Palazzo Massimo, a Renaissance villa, the largest built inside the Aurelian walls and one of the most sumptuous.  The Villa overstood The Baths of Diocletian and stood in the area of Santa Maria Maggiore on the Esquilino! The Felice Aqueduct was created by Pope Sixtus Fifth to irrigate this estate.

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