Loquis: La Sapienza of Papa Bonifacio Eight

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La Sapienza of Papa Bonifacio Eight


Published on:  2018-02-21 17:13:00

  Famous people of Rome

In April 1303 this controversial pontiff had founded one of the oldest and most important universities in Europe: the Studium Urbis La Sapienza. He was a descendant of a branch of the important Caetani family, he was able to acquire further wealth and great estates exploiting his pontifical office. He lived in a historical period of strong transition in which the European States were evolving from feudal monarchies to national states, when both domestic and foreign policy became increasingly independent of the temporal power of the church. Bonifacio Eight tried hard to oppose these changes while trying to restore the papal primacy. For these positions, in sharp comparison with his time ones, Pope Boniface Eight was one of the most controversial and discussed popes of the Middle Ages both during his pontificate and in the following centuries.

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