Loquis: The Basilica of Gregorio Primo Magno, the Last of Romans

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The Basilica of Gregorio Primo Magno, the Last of Romans


Published on:  2019-07-01 09:38:00

  Famous people of Rome

Gregory the First Great, called « The Last of the Romans « for his incredible fortitude.  The life of this pope is tinged by legend and great deeds which still today identify him as one of the most magnificent apostles of Christ. Gregory was a monk of high spiritual grandeur and he felt: « Disgusted by the political squalor of Rome ». Nevertheless, the noble origins still bring him very young to be appointed prefect of the city. But Gregory knows well that the political life does not belong to him, so much is the moral corruption to which to cope. Farther with the age becomes monk and near the paternal house, near the Clivus of the Celio, creates a monastery where you can retire in prayer and welcome the needy, just in the place where today stands the church dedicated to him. The monastic life does not last long and Gregory, in spite of himself, will have to renounce the much desired asceticism.

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