Loquis: The Beautiful Adriano

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The Beautiful Adriano


Published on:  2018-02-21 17:15:00

  Famous people of Rome

Educated intellectual, keen politician and courageous fighter, Hadrian wants above all to consolidate the peace. If Rome is the reflection of the soul of an emperor, with Hadrian it is of beauty and art. Many buildings were built and as many ones restructured or modified to his taste. One rapresentative for all it is the Pantheon and the mausoleum of the emperor, today known as Castel Sant'Angelo. It is, however, a few kilometers from the city, in Tivoli, east of Rome, that we find Villa Adriana, considered one of the most important archaeological heritage in the world. In the « Memories of Hadrian », the novel by Marguerite Yourcenar that tells the life of the emperor is the synthesis of this incredible character: « Those who love beauty end up finding it everywhere ».

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