Loquis: Trajan, the Markets and the Paradise

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Trajan, the Markets and the Paradise


Published on:  2018-02-15 14:16:00

  Famous people of Rome

In the Middle Ages legend spread of Gregory the great was so impressed by the goodness of Trajan to pray to God to resurrect him to baptize him. The miracle was fulfilled and the pontiff can impart the sacraments to the soul of the Optimus Princeps. Dante told the episode in the Divine Comedy. After the epic wars that made Rome even more imperial, Trajan was responsible for improving the living conditions of the citizens of Rome and the Empire. Great public works werw built: bridges, roads, spas, circuses, ports and aqueducts. The architect in charge of the majority of the urban works is Apollodorus of Damascus, the same one that builds the imposing forum of Trajan, surrounded by the markets, and finally the column that celebrates the military enterprises in Dacia and still dominates today with its beauty marble and solemn the walk of the imperial holes.

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