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The ara pacis for Augustus


Published on:  2019-07-22 15:20:00

  Famous people of Rome

Ruthless with his enemies, determined to act, Octavianus Augustus violently breaks into the order of the supreme political power of Rome, transfers the government to the Senate and the Roman people but in fact inaugurates a veritable monarchical dynasty: Giulio Claudian. The Senate bows to the emperor and his principality lasts until 4 after Christ, and it is remembered as the longest of the imperial period. Octavian undertakes military campaigns in the most distant provinces, he brings order and legality, strengthens the borders of Rome and enslaves new territories. His most difficult challenge and undisputed victory is obtaing the peace.The epoch of Octavianus Augustus was in fact synonymous of the greatest conquest of Rome: the Pax Romana. During his principality, Rome becomes a scenic city, the stadiums and the amphitheaters are teeming with people who are enthusiastic about equestrian shows, art is magnified and literature is flourishing thanks to poets such as Virgil, Ovid, Horace, Livius and Properzio assiduous frequenters of the Circolo di Mecenate. Among the works that survived over the centuries, it remains one of the greatest celebratory monuments in the history of mankind: the Ara Pacis, the altar dedicated to peace by a man worthy of veneration and honor.

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