Loquis: Caesar stabbed in Torre Argentina

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Caesar stabbed in Torre Argentina


Published on:  2018-02-15 14:05:00

  Famous people of Rome

Tradition says that the assassination of Caesar was preceded by disquieting portent of ill omen: in the sky burnt fires were seen, lone birds came into the forum and everywhere strange night noises were heard. The night between March 4 and 5, 44 BC, Calpurnia, Caesar s fourth wife, had numerous nightmares: she sees her husband s body in a pool of blood. Caesar does not believe in these nightmares, in the omens, or even in the fortune tellers who for days have suggested that he should guard against the Ides and the next day he went to the Curia of Pompey. Waiting for him in the Senate there were his assassins, led by Marco Giunio Bruto and Gaius Cassio Longino: 64 conspirators and 23 stabs, only one of them was the mortal one. His last words are legendary: « You too, Brutus, my son! » Killed at the height of power Caesar leaves his immense patrimony to the citizens of Rome. On March 20, the body was cremated at the Forum; in a kiosk the bloody toga worn at the moment of death is exposed. People cried. For seven nights a comet star illuminated the sky of Rome. It is the sign that, for the roman gods, an unpleasant massacre was consummated.

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