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A Basilica for Massenzio


Published on:  2018-02-15 13:46:00

  Famous people of Rome

Marcus Aurelius Valerio Massenzio was a self-proclaimed Roman Emperor, who ruled Italy and Africa between 306 and 312. He had the recognition of the Roman Senate but not of the Augusts Galerio and Severus (killed by him). The rival Constantine instead obtained this recognition, also by the military force, whereby he is considered by many an usurper. Massenzio was the last emperor to reside in Rome, he tried to embellish, restore and improve the ancient capital, realizing important building works, including the Temple of the star Romulus (dedicated to the deceased son), the Basilica of Massenzio (last great civil Basilica, completed From Constantine), the villa and the circus of Massenzio and others. Massenzio died in the Battle of Ponte Milvio against the troops of Constantine.

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