Loquis: Costantine the Great in Musei Capitolini

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Costantine the Great in Musei Capitolini


Published on:  2018-02-15 13:27:00

  Famous people of Rome

The bust of Flavio Valerio Aurelius Constantine, also known as Constantine the Great and Constantine the first, located in the halls of the Capitoline Museums, denotes the « fulgor oculòrum »of the gaze in the afterlife, typical of the new imperial portraiture. Constantine the first was a Roman emperor from 306 to his death and one of the most important figures of the Roman Empire, which he reformed largely and in which he allowed and favored the spread of Christianity. Among his most significant interventions, the reorganization of the administration and the army, the creation of a new capital in the East (Constantinople) and the promulgation of the Edict of Milan on religious freedom. The Orthodox Church and the Eastern Rite churches venerate him as saint, present in their liturgical calendar, with the title of equal to the Apostles; While its name is not present in the Roman Martyrology, the official catalogue of the Saints recognized by the Catholic Church.

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